pic from this morning within “the Bubble“…with HP Yogi, Mark W at the HillCrest Golf Course

when does life in “the Bubble” transcend even Durango’s surreal Shambala-esque norm?

answer: when you can skate, classic, and alpine ski a few minutes from home on our Hillcrest Golf Course and Chapman Hill! it’s AWESOME and no real carbon footprint!!

today, ilg did all three, just 5 minutes from my casa…which reMinds me:

have YOU scheduled your WF Private Intensive for 2012 yet?

if you email me at steve@wholisticfitness.com before 3 Days Time from this posting,  i’ll save you $50 from any Half Day Private Intensive (cost: $300) or $200 from any full-day Private Intensive (cost: $999.00)

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