a Mountain Yogi’s version of a “Room With A View”… from the 35th chair of Purgatory Ski Resort this morning…

If you want to enter the OM of the mOMent?
just listen to the Go(o)d of each mOMent…
and keep your ego from grasping across the page of that which it wants to cling

my chosen Yoga Vinyasa of the morning:  Styxx which had been groomed by a Dr. Seuss like machine; a high-angle groomer to smooth out even the steepest runs…

Ilg’s preferred yoga mat:  Styxx on tele skis with 4+” of fresh fluff atop the purest cord any mountain yogi can even imagine…doesn’t this look like a frozen, suspended waterfall cascading from
within the deepest regions of your own version of Heaven?  it does to ilg…and this morning?  i got to tele ski my dream…

…May ilg continue to Real-ize the imponderable volume of beauty, speed, skill, agility, suppleness, and endurance which has manifested as the Dance of Ilg before my feeble capacities all my Blessed Life…

ilg is seduced by this:   steep white powder…upon a pair of free-heeled skis…beneath
a southwestern blue sky as the birds, trees, and free-heeled skis serenade a
sun salutation with 50,000 mantra-imbedded tele turns…

the scant scent of snow (5)
freshly fallen, virginesque  (7)
may ilg ski empty (5)

just one of this morning’s 3,000′ waves to tele-surf…
Lower Hades, in all Her Hellish Heaven-sent sexiness…
this, to ilg, is orgasm, is poetry, is permanent Truth
which ilg shall never, ever be able to Transmit to you
that will satisfy you enough
to sit still
every day
for a long time…

just to LISTEN!

cliffs –

everybody thinks of changing humanity…

steep, powder snow –

no one thinks of changing themselves…

Spud Mountain framed from Pine Beings from which i pee’d among the Trees this morning…

why unnecessary suffering?
Attachment to Desire…so says MahaYogi Budha…

“Blessed art thou who have no expectations,
for they shall never be deceived…”

MahaYogi Jesus


gate, gate, gate, paragaté, BodhiSattva…

your feeble teacher of nothing

4 Responses to “Tele Skiing my Dream: All Was In Alignment…ilg experienced: Tvat Tvam Asi…”

  1. padma says:

    whenever i see a black diamond, i think of You.
    thank you for your illuminating presence in Kali Yuga.
    shine on,

  2. Sandra Lee says:


    That is divine

  3. coach says:

    whenever ilg sees a crystal, i think of Thee…
    head bowed,

  4. coach says:

    as are You!
    ski and be free,

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