Steve just introduced himself in the WF SanghaLounge…run in there and send him some Tribal Love!
He, along with another 2 Warriors, have also signed up on the Secret Herbs of SUNRIDER this month…
The Path works, when YOU work the Path!

Hi!  I’m new to the WF site!  I was fortunate to meet Coach Ilg “way back when”  The Outdoor Athlete was published and I invited him to come speak at our climbing shop.  At the time, the book topics were “out there” and I can honestly say it’s taken all the years since to learn how right-on they were!  Cross-training, proper nutrition, spiritual practice, they all matter and it has take years of injury, nutrition ups-and-downs, and missing quite a few other things to come back to the principles of WF.  It’s never too late to start on a better path….!  Enjoy your day!

Steve Seckinger

Park City

(yes, I am writing this while enjoying some Calli Tea!)

3 Responses to ““It’s never too late to start on a better path….” Meet new Member and ol’ bro; Steve S…”

  1. Nice pic! Thank you for the warmest of warm welcomes! The little one in the pic is Dewa’s age and is on the same path of outdoor exploration on skis, ice-skates and two-wheels.


  2. Sandra Lee says:

    Welcome Steve S!

  3. coach says:

    Tribal Brother Steve,

    all we can do as Father Warriors is present a wholistic palette of experiences for the Ones which choose to cOMe through us, and let the karmic cards fall where they may!

    Blessings upon thy Practice,

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