i’ll take a Padma On Ice, please…
yup, this is our Precious Dr. Julie “Padma” Mueller, a WF Online Master Student, going after yet
another Ph.D…this time, in WF…mere hours after taking my yoga class then, sharing a brew at Steamworks, and less than a month after soloing the 75-kilometer Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon, Dr. Padma shows her Wholistic physiologic/mental skill set by cranking some sweet mixed terrain climbing right here in Durango today, before heading up to the Higher Country for some real winter climbing as she trains toward yet another Himalayan Pilgrimage. This shot was taken in Cascade Canyon by Southwest Adventure Guides…for whom i teach HP Mountain Yoga each Friday.

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Have a great ascent up Snowden, Padma!

4 Responses to “earning another Ph.D…this time in WF!”

  1. Kevin Burnett says:

    Inspirational. Thanks!

  2. Brad Tafoya says:


    I continue to be impressed by you and your WF life! It seems you were a little discouraged by your time on MT Taylor. However, look at what you are doing now and your upcoming trip to the Himalayans! Impressive! It’s not always about the speed at which we do things. Its about the quality and honesty of our effort and our experience. When it comes to that, you seem to be finishing on top!


  3. coach says:

    Yogi bRad…
    beautifully stated….reflective of your own inner experience within the Buddha Face of Intensity!

    head bowed,

  4. padma says:

    thanks as always for the Inspiration. great to practice with you in the Cave last week.
    see you in May.

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