Noble Sangha;

My second book was “The Outdoor Athlete’s Training Journal” which came in book and a (then) cutting edge CD-ROM the latter of which came within one Apple’s CEO decision to be bundled with all new Apple computers.  Alas, karmically, that was not to be…however, it is still very important for WF Warriors to maintain a daily Journal, where we can easily see in Black and White each month, where are weaker WF Disciplines lie and then, take Appropriate Action to balance them.  For most WF Students, it’s the most important Discipline of all;  Meditation, which sadly tends to be the weakest link in our pursuit of Wholeness through Personal Fitness….

Listen/Contemplate  to these words from Master Thich Nhat Hanh and never give up working toward Wholistic Balance:

Enlightenment for Gautama [the Buddha] felt as though a prison which had confined him for thousands of lifetimes had broken open. Ignorance had been the jailkeeper. Because of ignorance, his mind had been obscured, just like the moon and stars hidden by the storm clouds. Clouded by endless waves of deluded thoughts, the mind had falsely divided reality into subject and object, self and others, existence and non-existence, birth and death, and from these discriminations arose wrong views—the prisons of feelings, craving, grasping, and becoming. The suffering of birth, old age, sickness, and death only made the prison walls thicker. The only thing to do was to seize the jailkeeper and see his true face. The jailkeeper was ignorance. . . . Once the jailkeeper was gone, the jail would disappear and never be rebuilt again.


pic by ilg earlier this winter in the Animas River Valley.

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