ilg knows a thing or two about overc(om)ing cramps…most of it?  nutritional…some of it?  biomechanical.  the rest of it?  karmic…cramping symbolizes samskaric work from prior lives left undone…read below for more

Hi Steve,

Not sure if you had the chance to answer but i’ve been keeping my rest between sets to 1 minute. You think that adaptation works to keeping a good flow for the workouts?

Also, any ideas on what i can substitute instead of running on the weekends? I ended up gerring spasms on my calves and i’m still sore. Im thinking of switching to a bike routine for now until that gets better. Thoughts?

– JC


Most Precious New Student JC!

GREAT hearing from you!    the Squeaky Wheel gets the oil…the more ilg hears from you?  the more forefront you come to my Awareness…tis the Sincerity and Depth of your study which triggers the Depth of my attention toward your Study!

feels to ilg like you are quickly arriving at the point whereupon you should only be taking say, 5 Ujjayi Breaths between sets…using that time to mentally
visualize/pre-rehearse the upcoming set then, knocking it out…

remember;  muscle fibers recover 50% within 3 seconds…so,  taking 5 Ujjayi Breaths between sets will take (depending upon your current constitution) around 20-30 seconds

as far as the calf spasms;  this is a Transitory Pain…must be broken through…not around.   ilg wants you running.  better caloric burn than biking right now.   make SURE your MAP Amino Acids and SUNRIDER intake is on par.   consistency is everything.   have Mentor Eric take a look at your running form…you might be doing something bio-mechanically that is triggering your cramping.

such are the challenges of a new WF Student;  bear down,  warrior up, and keep a’goin’….your cycle ends on April 29th…go for the sprint finish!  flawless consistency!

head bowed,

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