photo from back in the day in my former life as a sponsored (there were no professional) climber…my home office:  Eldorado Canyon, circa 1982.
this is my Dharma Mentor of free soloing (no rope); Derek Hersey (aka; The Human Fly) followed by Mic Fairchild during a stint we used to call
a ‘double free solo’.   route:  Hair City on the Bastille in Eldo…5.9+  Below is a letter i wrote to Derek’s sister.  Derek eventually entered the Bardo while
free soloing the Leaning Tower in Yosemite…i have so many treasured Derek stories…they’ll only come out during campfires while climbing, however…too sacred to
be shared otherwise…Blessed be my Precious Friend/Mentor/DharmaRock Brother; Derek….they just don’t make ’em like you no mo’……
Most Precious Michelle…
thanks for accepting my FB hit…i’ve had the honor, the sacred privilege of climbing/hanging/drinkin’ with the Rock Buddha known as “Derek”… many friends have been lost to the Precious Passion, yet Derek’s Soul Force was of such a categorically Higher Level that to this day, i think and feel of his Spirit soaring up those Eldo and Yosemite Walls…Twas a Great Blessing to have shared this Plane(t) with Derek for a few Treasured Times….
Dharma Blessings,
coach steve ilg

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