WF teaches;  First things first.  What would happen if our moon or sun grew tired of repetition?   Do you ever see Them trying to take short-cuts?   So,  why are we in such disappointment when a Teacher attempts to safely, slowly, and non-dramatically impart an anciently proven Path of Transformation…why has it becOMe so in vogue to taking shortcuts instead of developing a wholistic lifestyle of long-term spiritual fitness?   pic by ilg:    A seductive Grandmother rising over Brother Mountain..near Ouray, Colorado.

Noble Sangha…

some of the questions that cOMe across my desk..this is an actual question from one of my Facebook Friends.  The misspell of ‘meditation’ is in the original question…which is quite cOMmon…can’t tell you how many people have written me about their Mediation instead of Meditation which is classic Shiva humor;  it’s like we want to be  a Zen Master yet, we don’t want to focus our minds on spelling correctly…

Steve,  i need a super-intense mediation session with some guidance, to completely clear my chakras. COMPLETELY. May I beseech your knowledge that is superior to mine for some direction?”


Most Precious Seeker Of The Clear Chakra’s and Focused Mind…

thank you for your beseech!
Chakral fields must be first addressed through the steadfast conditioning of the physical body first,
sustained mental concentration second,  and nadic balancing, purification, and empowerment thirdly.
one does not train the Chakra’s directly;  very dangerous and absurdly contrary to the proven teachings
of the Enlightened Ones.
ilg can definitely help provide a Proven Path for you to safely begin the Journey toward Chakral health and
meditation fitness.    some ways:
• online training
• phone consultations
• private sessions
• combination of the above
let me know if you are truly ready to Begin Again,
and feeble ilg shall be eager to Serve your sincere, inward efforts…
head bowed,
coach steve ilg, cpt/uscf/ryt 500

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