we’re taken ourselves on a nice lil’ coal-burner up the valley a wee bit to see the colors…though, i know from DIE-rect experience, ya see, we’ll be traveling through…


“Lil’ One,”  i go n tell me daught’r…”best keep yo’ young eyes peeled in dem dar bushes, ya see?  cuz’  daddy be tellin’ ya true, here;  lotso Bandits ’round deez parts!”

then, schur ’nuff….


…DAD GUM ITS!!!!!!!!    BANDITS!!!!  they’re robbin’ our train, girls,  hold me close…i’ll stop the bullets from ye….

kwicker den a foal bustin’ toward a barn,  i goes up to the engineer to help switchin’ back onto the spit tracks, ya see…n’ i go shoutin’ all sorts of dharma at dem dare Bandits, right?   allz i know?  iz we gotta git here outta here, lickety split!    so we back the train up, switch tracks, and git that coal burner stoking down the line!!

ha ha!   yup, shur as shootin’…we done drove dem sorry butt Bandits a’skeetering into the horizon, we done did!

…’pon arrvin’ back in D’rango?  i go n’tell me girls, “i reckon i’m might darn proud of y’all…the way y’all handled yoselves among dem Bandits?  well done, girls…y’all can ride my trigger side, any time!

With Special Love flowing out to my numero uno pardner throughout the past several lifetimes…ya hear me thar, Precious Pea?

4 Responses to “Robbed by Bandits, Dad GUM It!!!”

  1. padma says:

    LOVELY photo of radiant pardners! thanks for continuing to Inspire,

  2. Kit Johaneson says:

    Love to your family from my family.
    Ai Imawa with love
    Fit Kit

  3. coach says:

    Most Vital Pahd!!!!!!!

    head bowed in Metta….
    inspiring is all ilg knows to do…if we don’t inspire,
    we die, right?
    to inspire is choicelessness,
    save for the un-sane!

    love, karuna, ekagraha,

  4. coach says:

    Precious Fit Kit!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!
    you’re Noble Tsidool Pilgrimage will certainly bring my own Noble Effort this Feb on that Sacred Peak
    to new Heights! ilg will probably cry toward you at mile 3 of 5 on the Run Down….this broken back yogi knows that section all too well!

    Householder Provider Love,
    { }

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