shhhhhh…you GOTTA be Tai Chi like if you want ilg to bring you into my chi-ldhood steep-walled canyons of Junction Creek to try to snare and release those hungry, yet spooky Rocky Mountain Trout which abide like Halloween Ghosts within these Sacred Waters which produced everything you love about ilg and Wholistic Fitness®…c’mon…but BE QUIET!  use your Ai Imawa training!!!  and DON’T SLIP into the stream!!!  it’ll scare the Trout!

okay,  funny Divine Humor straight from Shiva first:   see,  ilg has been steadfastly stalking this huge, beautiful Trout Being for the past several weeks in a not-so-secluded pool just off the Colorado Trail near my childhood home up Junction Creek Canyon, Durango, Colorado.   i’ve been in my Zendo,  applying not only the mandatory Mantra’s for the safety of any harming ilg might cause,  but also the Zen Archery technique to catching (and releasing) this beautiful Trout for weeks…visualizing which fly i’m going use,  my approach,  what time of the morning, my presentation of cast, the drift, the mend…you know,  all the other 10,000 Things which keep fly fisherpeople like ilg awake at night…well,  FINALLY,  the Universe aligned Herself so this new, old Daddy could combine a training run with yet another ninja assault upon my Present Precious Trout Podium Being…the girls left the house early enough and i was alone!!!   so, of course,  i picked up a burrito to go and a pear (a pear?) along with my Ilg Supreme from Sunrider Herbs…that’s when the hilariousness of the Divine began…

ilg saved -courtesy of my own “delayment of gratification technique” – my burrito and pear to eat while enjoying the rise of Grandfather over my beloved Junction Creek mountain walls…i had already performed my personal, rather intense, yogic Early Morning Ritual of Neti, Nadi, asana, pranayama, and prayer…i was hungry and needed to do a 6-mile mountain run…

well, let me tell you…
ilg was sooooo Sacred Happy!   in my Elevated Realm of Junction Creek which spurs countless mem(om)eries which crack my Heart Chakra open faster than you’d toss out old sushi…dangling my feet off of Bala’s Tailgate, eating my earned-sustenance burrito and tossing my pear core toward an assertive Magpie chillin’ in the Gambel Oak  (when are Magpie’s NOT assertive?…they’ll do just fine in the Bardo…each and every one of them!).  i headed off toward the Golden Section of Stream wherewithin ilg KNEW my precious Trout Being would be…see photo above…however,  in my surreally happy space,  i trotted down the trail toward my fishin’ hole, just meters away from it…WHEN….

these two older types, a guy and gal,  walked up the trail south of me, and then,  proceeded to STOP right on top of my fishing hole on a large rock…then, the guy started doing these Tai Chi types of moves, right?   i’m all like,


at the EXACT M(om)ENT that i delightly walk up to my special place to begin my Ritual of Zen Fishing for my Trophy Trout… YOU TWO wanna do TAI freaking CHI on the rock above MY pool!??!     aaaargh!

ilg wanted to cast a fly right up the nostrils if not Mula Bandha’s of those two!    how DARE they!!?!?   don’t they KNOW ilg has been King of this Terrain for decades!??!

as Trained  by WF,  i invoked WF Lifestyle Principle #1 and returned to my Breath and Posture…swiveling,  i turned away from the creek, back to my car, and prepared mentally for running uphill for 40 minutes with a belly full of burrito and pear….and y’all KNOW how much ilg just LOVES doing ANYTHING with food in his gut…aaaargh…

in the Spiritual Journey?   such ironic circumstances as two ‘strangers’ suddenly showing up at your deeply trained and prepared spot for possibly causing harm to another Being (in this case, a Trout) to do Tai Chi (consciously performed Asiatic yoga to bring Harmony and Peace to oneself and all others) is known as Om So Ti…

a positive sign of spiritual advancement along an intended Path…

Om So Ti,

keep fishin’ Higher,

coach ilg

4 Responses to “Wet Lines, Empty Mind…a mountain yogi’s funny fish tale…”

  1. padma says:

    Om So Ti!
    and so funny :)

  2. Leferisen John says:

    The NINJA’s tale is foiled once again by 2 AGENTs of harmony.
    hilarious indeed!

  3. coach says:

    Most Precious Brother Diné and Sister Pahd…

    as i retreated with my tail tucked behind my butt cheeks from the Shiva Humor of it all, ilg repeated that auspicious quote which was delivered my Way as a child at St. Columba Catholic School; “Blessed is he who has no expectations, for he shall never be disappointed.”

    hum SAAAAAAH….

    love endlessly beyond the incarnation,

  4. Andrew Baker says:

    Great Article, Coach!

    T’was a most in-joyable read, and I loved the lesson contained therein :)

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