after 3+ decades of yoga-asana, including a broken back from winter mountaineering and high-volume/intensity cardio, ilg is closing in on Baddha Padmasana  (Bound Full Lotus)… give me another 3 years…i’ll make it…ilg is nothing if not a steadfast, if feeble, Practitioner.

what’s been YOUR most challenging yoga posture over the past 3 years?  why?

why this posture has taken me decades to get this close to c(om)pleting:

if it wasn’t from my hypertrophied lats from my climbing years, i coulda made this posture happen years ago…then again, ilg would not trade my climbing years for nothing!  also,  it should be noted that it took no less than 2 decades for me to be able to sit in Full Lotus (Padmasana).  this was because of my formative chi-ldhood/adolescent years of being a long distance runner which locked up my hips like crazy (all this BEFORE i was paralyzed!).

one thing ilg knows from this lifetime?

pain.  intense pain.


the Bliss which c(om)es from Rising Higher above it through Sacred Wholistic Sweat and Stillness…and Steadfast, Sincere Study at the Guru’s Lotus Feet…

Blessed be your Wholistic Practice,


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