Merry Yogi Jesus’s Birthday to you and yours!

THANK YOU for (y)our Friendship! the ilg clan treasures traveling this Sacred Journey with you all! Dharma Blessings!

DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP  THANKS to those of you who included a WF Temple Tithe into your Season of Giving…
ilg CANNOT EXPRESS just how much every penny counts when attempting to provide for a family from all-Dharmic means…
especially during Kali Yuga!   soooo, THANK YOU!


my personal goal this Yogi Jesus Birthday was to spend every m(om)ent of it within reach of my two girls embrace instead of running out and training, computer work, etc..for an Outdoor Athlete like ilg? still a tall order, yet must say, such d(om)esticated days fuel the Soul in ways unparticular to my gunic nature which is Go(o)d for me…

…oh, not to mention the fact that shortly after the above pic was taken? Dewa and Daddy set a new World Mixed Pair sledding and distance record over at Chapman Hill..it was AWESOME!

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