As is Lineage Tradition…upon the final HP Yoga®  PROP Workout™ of the year, which was tonight at our beautiful, precious Warrior Cave*  which was packed to the gills…i presented Sandra (DawaGhati) Lee her chi-saturated WF Gift Bag of Go(o)dies…this pic was taken by a first-time Prop Workout participant after class who could barely hold the camera, and you can see how other-worldly both Dawa and ilg are, a c(om)mon training effect after any HP PROP Workout…

Noble Sangha,
if you trained directly under feeble ilg each week here in Durango, at 6,512′ and took ALL of my HP Yoga Classes, plus Private Yoga, plus bodywork sessions, plus all my special events, as well as spontaneous workouts throughout the year like DawaGhati has done FLAWLESSLY  for the past TWO years?
well, YOUR body/mind/spirit would certainly undergo a similar Transformation as has Dawa’s…
to this day,
ilg promises you,
IF YOU ARE WILLING – mind you –
the most cost-effective, safe, and Divinely-orchestrated Personal Ascent Higher…even if you never did more than take my public offerings and
join my pennies-per-month website…
you – like Dawa – would experience a Total Transformation Higher…

my interview with Dawa is c(om)ing soon,
ONLY for WF.com Members…

however, tonight, Dawa wrote me directly after class:

“om my gosh… i, Dawaghati (Sandra Lee) really did not expect this evening to be blessed a thousand times…… Thank You Patty Zink of Mountain Bike Specialists for the Gift Certificate, Thank you Kahtoola for the MICROspikes, Thank you Wholistic Fitness for the Bike Jersey, Tee Shirt, Sweat Towel, Joanne Shenadoah’s CD, Winged Angel DVD, and the Gym Bag!   Thank you Coach Steve Ilg, thank you Joy, thank you Dewa, thank you Yogini’s and Yogi’s who show me balance, strength, getting out of your comfort zone, using your one pointed concentration, your mantra, your breathing, your nobleness in HP Yoga, your motivation, thank you for teaching me every day whether it be in class, on the trails, dewa-sitting, in the Zendo, private yoga sessions, or bodywork sessions….

“I can do this, if I keep trying” (5 year old Dewachen Catherine Ilg)”


hate to tell ya, however,
if any of you are gonna remove DawaGhati (Moon Blossom) from her perch atop all HP Yogi’s?
you best settle in for the long run…in Sweat, Stillness, and C(om)mittment Higher
along a Path of Wholeness unlike any other on this Plane(t)…

people speak of cross-training,
of wanting to be – in awkward, unknowing words – wholistically fit…

yet here, in the Bubble of Durango
with my Noble Efforts to make Wholistic Fitness® easily available to all Sincere Seekers Everywhere through my books, DVD’s, CD’s and other offerings,

we Know…
WF – and one of her most precious Limbs, HP Yoga®
is a Blessing of a Warrior’s Lifetime…
ilg and Dawa will Be Here now…faithfully c(om)mited to the ego-and-limb-and-mind withering Work Within…
will you?

head bowed
and knee-deep,  nay,  heart-deep in inspiration from Dawa on this Knight of nights…

your feeble teacher of nothing save Wholeness

*in the now eco-famous retro-fitted Smiley Building in downtown Durango (where my own sister went to high school)

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