Excerpt from my weekly HP Yogi Missive to my local sangha here in Durango;

“Look to your duty;
do not tremble before it;
nothing is better for a warrior
than a battle of sacred duty.

The doors of heaven open
for warriors who rejoice
to have a battle like this
thrust on them by chance.”

– Krishna to the Warrior Arjuna in
The Bhagavad-Gita II 31-32

pic;  your feeble teacher, on sacred Pilgrimage…not so feeble. game face on, crushing the first leg of the Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon last Saturday.
about 4 hours after this pic was taken, i finished 6th AG, 29th Overall (out of 170 international soloists) and was Durango’s highest place finisher.  by www.naggan.com

3 Responses to ““Look to your duty; do not tremble before it…””

  1. padma says:

    lOve it!

  2. BB says:

    I saw that image while looking through to photos of the race. That picture is one of the best taken during the entire race! Way to go coach!

  3. coach says:

    Most Precious Ones P and BB,
    over the decades of racing Tsidool? ilg knows precisely where Barak (the photog and/or his assistants) will be…so, feeble as ilg may feel at that chosen spot? ilg summons my most egocentric energies, parlays that into TAF’ing, “Well, maybe this pic might inspire one of my students Higher,” and then puts on a show for the snapshot…


    it’s all just illusion…

    love endlessly,
    sweat now and forever,

    { }

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