FREAKIN’ AWESOME 65 mile Club Ride (Cherry Creek) with 14 miles of dirt! rode the last 22 miles with a broken spoke; way to hold up my precious ROLF wheels! we hit the final roller at 33mph! you kiddin’ me!?!?! soooo beautiful! Sacred Sweat, baby!  ilg was stoked to finish with the whittled down by attrition lead group of 5!   thank you WHOLISTIC FITNESS®!!  immediately transitioned not into rest, no, no, no…had to step up into the endlessly energetic demands of being a Conscious Daddy to a 5 year-old…not feeling too much like nearly 52 today, baby!   c’mon!

pic by ilg:  an Ancient Pinyon Being,  being near the remote Beclabito Dome area of NM where i and Student Sandra Lee taught yoga to Navajo schoolkids from preK to 4th grade last monday…for more on that amazing story and great pics of the natural area, see my personal Facebook Page

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