Dear Steve, i hope all is well with the Ilg clan. While ordering my Sunrider products i was informed they don’t make Action Caps any more. Should i replace these with something else? Thank you Steve. Love, Kendo

tis true!   aaaargh!!! yet another Sign of the Apocalypse!!!   fortunately,  ilg has found a back through BODYHEALTH (Makers of MAP Amino Acids) to switch to, however,  before that,  inside scoop is that SR still has a few ACTION CAP left in stock…soooo…

PRONTO:  call LARRY BURR at SR…tell him you are one of my downlines and NEED ACTION CAPS!    310 781 8096  ext 3016

if ilg wasn’t a yogi trained in WF to meet all changes, “without too much attachment or too much aversion,”?

ilg would be pretty stinkin’ bumming that my – OUR – precious Action Caps are soon to be no longer.  the whole new “Sun Trim Plus” thing that SR is trying to forward in place of Action Caps just does not vibe with me personally, so i cannot embrace it professionally…however,  if you want to try the Sun Trim Plus, and if it works for you, great, go with it…otherwise,  everybody?  just contact me directly at:  steve@wholisticfitness.com  and i’ll hook you up with the Bodyhealth product to lose fat..they are running a big discount special through the end of June, so let me know fast!

head bowed,

Shiva Dancing

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love and chi endlessly,

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