pic: Harvest Moon outside my Temple H(om)e Office…this is the first part of an i-don’t-know-yet-how-many-part story that i used to tell my pet wolf Apache as a young boy next to our various bed spots beside Junction Creek.   ilg was inspired dually to resurrect this tale from two friends; one human,  and the other being tonight’s amazing Harvest Moon…what IS it about full moons which inspire such introspective creativity!?!

the first part goes something like this:

many many moons ago, in the high peaks of the Mountain Utes, there lived two mountains,  indescribably beautiful.  one was yang…he rested in full sunshine most of the year and all eyes of all animals were transported to his sharp yet gracefully intimidating summit spire.  the other mountain was yin…she seemed to shy away from Grandfather Sky’s warm reach preferring to remain in moist shade.   they fell in love and through their lovemaking which all other beings, including the Mountain Utes, felt as a series of earthquakes.  a magnificent child mountain was soon born, whom they called,  Aditisan (Navajo for Listener)

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