our turn-around point on today’s 43-mile ride…this is Haviland Lake, about 8,500’…pic by ilg



Not quite sure which Buddha Realm ilg just spent spinning within along the past 2 hours and 43 miles, all ilg knows is that D-rang rings with Dharma Brothers and Sisters who are VERY fit and we live in a precious vortex…get out and do! How Blessed Are We Who Choose To Sweat?

Get out, no matter what it takes…trust me..i’ve been a Single Daddy now for a week and a half with 5 more days to go…
it’s BRUTAL carving out the time to keep training on top of the endless activity of being a single parent, yet,
we MUST get out and DO so we can BE!

After i returned from this ride (got 4th on the climb, 1st on the turn-around point, and then, fell flat on the final sprint) i chopped wood for 1 hour straight, then,
took Dewa to a secret spot along Junction Creek and ran through pastures with her pretending to be horses, unicorns, and pegasus’s…that Gyrl can RUN!
THEN, chainsawed a SUV full of wood and stacked it at home…
cooking dinner now, doing laundry, caring for the Chickens and Cats before bath and bedtime reading ritual in front of the fireplace with Dewa…

go(o)d thing ilg is young, right?!   😉

ilg bows as deep as my Padmasana allows to ALL single parents everywhere…
makes elite endurance sports look like chicken-feed..

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  1. Leferisen John says:

    Atta boy Coach, atta boy……. busy day….. if you’re feeling tired after all that – i bet it feels good!?

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