poolAre you SERIOUS?!?!
doing LAPS!??!?!

what’s next?
ilg competing in GOLF!?!?

(the above is an actual pic of me this week after another attempt not to drown – what others call, swimming – at the Durango Rec Center pool as i prepare to solo the Pagosa Winter Quadrathlon  this Sunday which – inexplicably – ends with a monster – for me – .5k swim!  
why is there a SWIM LEG and not a SNOWSHOE LEG in a Winter Quad, anyway? and DON’T make fun of me using my daughters kick board, it helps keep
my so-called, ” granite-like glutes” somewhat in flotation!)  


Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 5.39.19 PM


okay…so maybe it’s a mid-life crisis…

maybe ilg is just REALLY trying to express to my precious students that i am again willing to walk my talk about ‘challenging our weakness’s, not our strengths…

or maybe?   i’ve just lost it, c(om)pletely!

whatever it is?   ilg is going to Toe The Start Line of my most challenging event since my free-soloing rock climbing exploits in the early ’80’s;  i’m going to SOLO the  Pagosa Springs Winter Quadrathlon which means, yes, i’ve got to SWIM .5k!

see, the thing is?   i don’t know how to swim.

true fact:  ilg can’t swim at all, as in,  “like at all.”   like, a brick swims with more elegance and economy than does ilg….here’s what i’m up against come Sunday, and i PRAY that any or ALL of you that can make it to cheer me on in what will certainly prove to be a most entertaining display of  survival will go to www.PagosaNordic.com and join me!


see this?  this is look of confidence, knowing that a podium is in my sight even at the first of 4 legs of a Winter Quad during last year’s race…
why am i so confident?
because i knew i had a strong swimmer – one of my HP Yoga® students, Jessica Robbins – to drill the anchor swim leg:

top of the Podium, new course record:
from L-R:
my anchor swim leg partner: Jessica Robbins
feeble ilg
the one, the only: Rinpoche Dewachen Catherine Ilg

this Sunday?
no Jessica to anchor my swim leg…by my own choice…
ilg floundering about in the pool like a…like a…no, there is no analogy here…let me just say that it ain’t purty…ilg in water

Dewa knows that Daddy is going to be Brave, pushing my limits…
and that alone?
is enough.
gotta walk my talk.

i will.

ilg WILLS i will.


race breakdown:

1st leg:  10k Freestyle Nordic Ski –  no worries

2nd leg: 5k Run – big worries; on my Grade II MCL Knee Tear which s(om)show has allowed me 12 podiums from 12 starts and 4 Overall Victories this winter!

3rd leg:  22k Bicycle Time Trial – haven’t been on a bike (except for commuting around town) since October, seriously.

4th leg: .5k swim – BIG, BIG WORRY…for the simple fact, i can’t swim.

well…THIS should be interesting!

stay tuned and THANK YOU to those few of you who chose to support my
standard-setting winter racing season sponsorship…
PLEASE CONTRIBUTE NOW  as i transition into the dry land  season…
ilg needs ALL of your financial support to help me toe any start line this spring and summer!


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