when ilg’s feeble, physical body dies?   my instructions to my Beloved Sangha?  

just cut off my limbs (please use the Tribal Mantra while doing so, thanks!)
and skewer my torso upon an old pinyon tree branch (please don’t harm the Tree Being!)
atop one of these or any of these mesas and allow the Ravens and perhaps the ever-opportunistic Trickster (Coyote)
to feast upon my relatively well-muscled corpse (The Animal Beings would all be like, “Damn, this Two Legged’s flesh is TOUGH!  What the hell?!??!”)

….took this pic of my h(om)eland the other day driving back to Durango from the Rez after another 9 hours in 100-degree heat
of the most wholistic workout ever; 

 trail work on my
Beclabito Day School Trail Building

if you can’t sweat with us?

…as i grow older the wide open spaces of the Four Corners opens my heartspace in yin ways where for so long, my younger years were filleted wide open by the High, Rocky Peaks…these years, it’s a turbulence of love for It All…


how about you?

where’s your precious place for recycling of your precious Body Vehicle…?

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