Tonight is what ilg lives for…


Me and “Birth Angel” CL (Chris Latham of Kinlani, AZ) who came to my yoga class tonight on a road trip…


my precious Warrior Student/Brother/former bicycle racing teammate  from Kinlani, Chris Latham dropped into my PROP Class tonight during his current Dharma Sweat Bummin’ road trip which started in Taos, clicked off a very impressive ascent of Mt. Sopris in the Elk Mountains, and then down here to the Bubble known as Durango…and he HAD to hit up a PROP Workout, “Just HAD to,”  Chris said.   “Well, after four years of not doing your PROP Workout,  i somehow forgot how intense and awesome it is…i hope your fellow Durangoans realize what an amazing opportunity they have to be able to take your classes…”    Chris used yoga to self-heal after a car T-boned him while he was riding his dirt bike in Flag last January.


12+ years ago;   Chris finds ilg (as Dharma Brothers do, throughout the lifetimes) when i moved from LA to Kinlani (Flagstaff), AZ…we re-found each other in the peleton and i joined the Red Rock Racing Team based in that fine mountain hamlet – oasis of the high desert.  He came to my yoga classes and i recall with fondness his Warrior Chi as he struggled, as all of us endurance athletes do, with the postures.

7+ years ago;  BRRRRING!    goes our doorbell at “Two Tree Manor” our precious home in Kinlani.   Joy was in her full-on Ganesha Mode;  hugely, beautifully pregnant with our chi-ld…
how prophetic would soon bec(om)e that shout out from Chris.   You see, Chris was our UPS Guy…and on that fine evening of September 10th, 2007 Chris delivered our package and – typical of mountain folk – he hung out a bit to chat with Ganesha Joy and i….when suddenly,

“Uh…Honey?”   there was a distinct twinge of something between wonder and anxiety in her voice.

“Yeah?”… i replied feeling a sudden wave of my life changing…

“You better get our hospital bag…”  


i recall Chris’s face dropping out;  he had already been through his own wifes’ water breaking and knew the drill…



And so, to this day,  we know Chris as our Birth Angel..who once came to deliver us a package which triggered Joy to deliver us, and our world, a very special Rinpoche born beneath
the Western Sacred Navajo Peak of Dokoosliid in Kinlani on the auspicious date of 9*11…and, on the evening after Dewachen’s birth – born tremendously raw and courageous through Joy –
the entire town was flooded by an etheral Golden Light which enveloped Kinlani for over 7 hours…

Dewachen means in Tibetan;  The Golden Light of Bliss relative to the 8th Abode of Amitabha Buddha

CL:  thank your for sharing your Sacred Sweat with us again…and Blessed be your J0urney….

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