hmwf“The sweatshirt is like me. Old and beat up.
But it will get me to The Iron Temple for a lower body workout

Ai Imawa” 
– Fit Kit

Most Precious and Venerable Fit Kit!
this is AWES(OM)E!!! THANK YOU!
ilg SWEARS when the Outer World Awakens to the intelligence and wisdom of WF and
our “boat c(om)es in,”
i’m gonna build a WF Museum and i’ll be asking you for this precious gem of my ol’ sweatshirts!

and you are right,
while the rest of the Fitness World has beat up its pioneering source of wholism through intelligent cross-training,
we here in our precious Path STILL find a Way to inspire, lead, and touch the lives of a Sacred Few…

This Sweatshirt that you so graciously took the time to document, which reads:

Wholistic Fitness
Unique Training Brings Unique Results”

must have been made circa: 1984 when i went through a Marketing Crisis and didn’t know if i should stick with “Wholistic Fitness®” or go with “Harmony Now” an obvious bow to my Sensei; Kaoru Kishiyama…

i made the switch, made these sweatshirts, and a few other advertising innovations, then, switched back to Wholistic Fitness® within a year or so.

head bowed in Ai Iwawa,

coach ilg

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