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though the suffering associated with a podium place at at national-class nordic ultramarathon helps,  when the Flu Guru calls you to Her hurt locker?   nothing really helps save for spiritual fortitude;  which makes Her such an important Teacher…

face first fetal on sweat-soaked linens…i writhe about, tortured and contained on my bed like a Trout Worm impaled on a rusty, barbed hook.

there are Aliens inside; crawling, crimping, marching, pinching every morsel of my anatomy each equipped – apparently – with some sort of hybrid torque/dehydration wrench.   their command center must be my brain for it is swollen in pain as if it’s been replaced by a beehive.

every one of my 17 trillion cells bought, transformed, and flipped into a manufacturing plant of pain…

somebody, anybody; just take this cup frometh me….

for the past 72 hours – 30 of which remain hazily hazy – i’ve had the honor of taking my sadhana (spiritual practice) before the Flu Guru.   it has been beyond memory since i’ve last taken this particularly searing, spirit-testing Pilgrimage.  i see now, i’ve grown soft; even with high intensity training?   there is no Hurt Locker quite like the one that the Flu Guru enjoys using for Her Teachings.   there are mandatory asana’s which no one escapes when the Flu Guru c(om)es;  mostly in the forming of Writhing Fetal Posture, Sweating Profusely Posture,  Convulsing Wildly With Chills Posture, and everyone’s favorite…Vomiting  And Dry Heaving While Your Head Is About To Explode In Pain Posture.    at least the latter posture affords some good mula bandha and core engagement to break up the monotony of writhing about inelegantly as minutes seem like hours, hours like days.

thing is?

this stuff is great.

it’s precisely why i don’t get flu vaccines.    each flu season i want to see where my Vibrational Fitness is;  see if i can walk, run, ski, and dance through everyone’s illness.  which i usually do.  this time?  nope.  got me.  i know why.  there is  Teaching here.   i needed the break.
most of us do. for me,  i knew i was overneed for decompression on at least 3 fronts;
•)   Dewa had been on a 3-month long journey of illness herself with some scary implications.   i recall being in the eye doctor’s office 2 weeks ago with her as she politely described “the lines” which had affected her vision over the past months since being overly medicated and reacting allergically to the antibiotics covered in painful rash, her hearing compromised, mono, sinus infection, chalk ’em up;  my precious little One was getting it.  she would be scared to go to sleep at night, thinking that she may awake blind.  when the doctor said, “Everything is perfect,” a kundalini spike rocketed through my spine as D and i rejoiced in glee and relief.   i could sense my entire Vibration Level just drop like a tachometer when downshifting.  i let my foot off the gas during that moment, and that opened the gateway for the Flu Guru.

•) $.  since the Court ordered divorce of Joy and myself,  i got the book thrown at me and was and remain ordered an unattainable amount of money each month to pay.   i’m only a feeble yoga teacher and the vast sums of money i am supposed to make each month is, well, let’s just say;  a wee bit stressing.   mission impossible really.  i’ll die trying though; every cent earned Dharmically.   no Judge will steal my character and if i go to jail as a bad father because i can’t pay absurd bills each month?   well, that will be interesting.  yes, stressful.

•) surfing the High too long.   after getting on the Overall Podium of the DWC Championships and 3rd place in 50+,  i may have hung up my bike, but i kept the gas on;  ski pole running up High Peaks,  sometimes clicking off two 12,000’rs in the morning before picking up Dewa.   i shoulda taken a break and if i had a coach like me,  who prescribed me a recovery period after the Champs?   i woulda.  but i didn’t.

The Flu Guru is sublimely powerful.  each second is a second of pain.  the level of discomfort tearing my shattered, pained brain away from the Mantra, the heart palpatations from the chills rip tiding me away from any rhythmic calm be resting attention upon my breath…

did i mention the wallowing about in sweat-soaked linens?!   ugh.

The spiritual journey is about dropping into equanimity during intensity.

Writhing before the Most Noble Flu Guru,  i bow in humility;

evidently,  i have learned nothing.


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head bowed,spirit vowed,
sick son ilg



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  1. Ken Doyle says:

    Dear FLU GURU, So glad to hear from you again. I wish you the best with everything you’re dealing with. Your WHOISTIC FITNESS clan is behind you. Love, Kendo

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