12814581_10208629477478793_6937892382858008704_nwith only ONE more Tuesday Night World’s to go…can i even attempt to describe how friggin’ PROUD i am of my indoor spin class students that have chosen to do what it takes to train with me over these months? i have nailed them on their biomechanics, their pedaling finesse, their mental stability…and each of you have STEPPED UP! feeble ilg would be HONORED to ride in a peleton with any one of you! THANK YOU and see you next Tuesday for our final ride indoors…until next winter! thank you for your devotion and sweat-based spirit!

pic by my friend, Barak Nagaan, pro photog, as i was crushing it over Molas Pass summit (11,000′ basically) during one of my 13 Iron Horse Bicycle Classic’s not too long ago.   i’ll miss it this year, cuz my little brother is getting married and all.  reckon, i better go.  but ilg will be back to the IHBC Omnium,  yah, Omnium,  cuz just racing from Durango to Silverton is sooooo not wholistic!   why just suffer ONE DAY when you can test your spirit and sweat over THREE days!

Questions?  let me have them at:  steve@wholisticfitness.com

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