pic: my toes graced by Frozen YogaToes® today after my ‘sweltering’ mountain bike ride in 75-degree heat


Noble Sangha,

gotta hand this foot trick to Sandra Lee who TOTALLY turned me onto this treat-ment!  used it again today after my MTB ride in the first SWELTERING HOT spring day here at 6,512′;  it was like 73-degrees!!!   churning up Ned’s Hill in Overend Mountain Park had your feeble teacher sweating like my P-Tex Crayon on a pair of rock skis (Okay, even for ilg that is a fairly arcane metaphor but WTH)!

so,  of COURSE you already have and use religiously your YogaToes®

if you haven’t…well, you don’t know much about certain unalienable Wholistic Fitness® Practices, do you?   better send me an email…you’ve got like 4 decades of world-class catching up to do!

when not using them?
freeze them!


yup…freeze the mo-fo’s!

just pry them from your blessed toes and stick ’em in the freezer, right next to the Pedialyte popsicles,  Hatch® Green Chiles from last fall, the frozen Rainbow Trout from last weekend…yup,  stick ’em right in there.

then,  when you fetch them next time?  yeah, they’re frozen almost stiff and when applied to your sweaty little toes after your run, bike, climbing sesh, ballet class, or worse of all:  standard everyday work in…ugh…SHOES?

it’ll feel like Heaven In Feet Form!   as the skin receptors react to cold, as the bones of your feet submissively spread, as your entire physiology breathes SPACIOUSNESS after applying the Frozen YogaToes®?

you’ll thank ilg…

just as i thank Sandra Lee for this wonderful treat-ment which empowers and refreshes our entire mind/body/spirit!

head bowed,
spirit vowed,
{  }

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