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pic;  your feeble teacher of no-thing in some inverted Garudasana inversion during personal Practice.


So, i’m teaching my High Performance Yoga® Slow Flow class this morning, right? There’s one of two guys in class. He’s kinda doing his own thing, not letting me adjust his postures. During the strength sequences he starts mouth breathing hard and refuses to follow my instructions to simply regain c(om)posure and breath in Childs Pose. 23 minutes into class during a chaturanga vinyasa he gives up with an audible, “F*CK THIS!” Gathers up his mat, and leaves. Game over. Ego got him. I don’t know when yoga teachers in this country turned yoga-asana into some sort of pampering crap but this is the type of students they are producing; quitters.  Historically,  Yoga-asana was not designed to pamper us, it was designed to outfit us with sustained mental focus (Dharana) and ferret out our weaknesses, our restrictions, our congested patterns of negative thoughts and/or imbalanced physiques. Feeble ilg does not teach hard yoga classes, i teach hard ego’s. Feeble ilg does not want students. i want like-spirited Warriors and Warrioresses that don’t give up the BattleDance toward our Divine Nature.

i instructed the rest of class to Bless the chap who gave up.  i offered them the notion that perhaps he was a type of Upa Guru,  reflecting our own egoic desires to just give up and quit and leave the Higher Self abandoned.   i told them that if they saw him in the gym or wherever,  to bow in Namaste to him, smile at him,  bathe him in a compassionate auric field.

we all know by Direct Experience that is does not feel Go(o)d to quit.  To give up.   Especially as Wholistic Fitness® Practitioners,  we are constantly confronted with our weaknesses.   we never give the Ego a chance because we dance across the physiologic spectrums of fitness toward wholeness.   but  to cave into the Ego is dis-Graceful to our Spirit.   so,  we keep a’goin…one foot in front of the other during a run – no matter how slow our pace or painful our aches.  so, we keep a’goin…one Ujjayi breath after another during a painful hip-opening yoga posture, determined to transform our restrictions into freed(om)s.   we keep a’goin…one repetition after another in the Iron Temple,  no matter how acidic the burn from one-minute Back Squats into Staccato Technique Jump Squats.  we keep a’goin…minute after searing minute in Zazen mediation, ignoring the chattering Ego and the pins-and-needles in our numbed, folded legs…

in Wholistic Fitness® Practice?

we just keep a’goin…cuz, that’s IS the Practice toward Wholeness.

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