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wanna thank Missy Votel and the Durango Telegraph for honoring the feeble ilgster after all these years!   Approached with the help of several Devotee’s like Marc Romanelli and Ken Doyle to OUTSIDE Magazine several times to revisit my 1993 Cover with an updated feature,  no go.  But the Telegraph gave it a thumbs up and released it during their most popular issue during this Memorial Day Weekend, which ironically?   Saw feeble ilg Toe The Start Line of the Iron Horse Bicycle Race to Silverton and though it was only my 5th road bike ride since October?   managed to beat 53 Pro’s in a time of 3:07 then, instead of stopping?  Continued to pedal onward and upward over yet another almost 11,000′ pass to Ouray, Colorado to meet my family.

s(om)e things never change…

like Wholistic Fitness® Practitioners just willing to be a wee bit different than the rest…

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