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pic courtesy of WF Online Student Kavik atop “Gudy’s Rest” which ironically overlooks ilg’s chi-ldhood drainage…grew up at the mouth of this drainage and ruled with my wolf, Apache all this land as a kid.  now,  to prescribe workouts for Noble Students like Kavik among my h(om)eland?  is to ilg,  great, sacredness.   wait till you hear Kavik’s story today below!   and?  the Teaching?  NEVER , EVER doubt the Proven Path of Wholistic Fitness®!!   Live the 5 Noble Fitness Disciplines,  and the 4 Lifestyle Principles!  

ilg receives this text minutes before my City Employee Yoga Class fr(om) my Wholistic Fitness® Student Caroline Eastburn (WF Tribal Name; KAVIK);

“Be right there. Um. Got hit by a car. I’m ok.”

Now THAT is a High Performance® Yogi; strong, capable, and can bounce off a Van that turned into her on her bicycle and still be on time to make class. Nuthin like HP Yogis and there sure as hec ain’t nuthin like the 3.5 decade-old Proven Path of HP Yoga! Hope the Van is okay, eh Kavik?! 😜

Kavik (aka; Caroline Eastburn) is a chronically inspirational cycling icon in our beloved, heavenly hamlet…she has trained many cyclists through her Iron Horse Bicycle Classic spin classes at Durango Parks and Recreation and is just one of those special, radiant Souls that ilg for one, feels Blessed with which to share this Plane(t) ! the fact that Kavik’s yogic training with feeble ilg helped her bounce off the Van that hit her on her bike is just yet another testimony to precisely why YOU should be c(om)ing to my yoga classes and/or studying Wholistic Fitness®!!! Kavik’s helmet (thank LORD BUDDHA that Kavik is smart enough to wear one) was compromised deeply in two places…instead of her precious skull! Feeling super stoked at the preciousness of my student, my Path, and the awes(om)e Lineage which flows through feeble conduit ilg…wear your helmet, meditate daily so your Awareness is full throttle, and ilg loves…


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