Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 9.40.30 PMPrecious Steve,

     Often I journal after my inversion sequence thinking of you.  Similar to journaling upon waking. The thoughts are profound and the healing is intense

    I got to know you a little, but gained so much from you. And still now you continue to help me with my soul and spirit and body and mind without even seeing me – from so far away. For example, you know a perfect routine that makes my back stronger. Not just in strength, but in wise movement, intelligent action, and spiritual connection.

My thank you’s to you are endless and infinite….

Om Mani padme hung. My mantra you gave to me.  I feel a mala to keep me even more on the path is a good piece of grounding.  I’ve been thinking of making my own soon.  Perhaps I’ll blend one of yours with my beads…



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