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 High FIVE fr(om)

Dewachen Ilg


who CHOSE to STEP UP and support her St. Columba May 18th Fun Run
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which is pledge-driven to provide underprivileged kids like Dewa attend a School which happens to be ilg’s own Alma Mater: St. Columba.
without this program?
there was no other way her parents (both humble yoga teachers) could afford Dewa’s THRIVING at St. Columba: 2x Honor Roll and voted Queen of St. Columba in her first year of formal schooling after our h(om)eschooling of her!
Dewa’s High Fives goes out to current Fun Run Pledgers:
* Abigail Johnson, Durango, CO
* Steve Mackel, Pasadena, CA
* Toby Leesson, Steamboat Springs, CO
* Mark Simmons, Durango, CO
* Amber Blake, Durango, CO
* Eric Pierson, Durango, CO
* Matt Holden, Durango, CO
* Shannon Waggoner,  Durango, CO
* Caroline Eastburn, Durango, CO
* Tina Martinez, Durango, CO
* Ted Hermesman, Durango, CO
* Ellen Tomsic, Durango, CO
* Sherri Holmer, Durango, CO
* Diane Thornton, Durango, CO


Dewa still REALLY, REALLY NEEDS to set this Bar HIGHER THAN EVER because she is soooooo appreciative of her ability to attend St. Columba and does NOT want to see ANY OTHER girl or boy not being able to receive such a tremendous schooling opportunity because their parents don’t make enough $ to send them to schools like St. Columba.
As father of Dewa
as alma mater and 2nd generation of St. Columba parishioner and volunteer parent,
ilg really Trusts that you take a m(om)ent and help Dewa and other kids like her and other parents like Joy and i – even through divorce – continue to do whatever it takes to get our kids to the highest academic opportunities possible…
 and other kids and their parents like her and us!!

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