outer limit ilg

feeble ilg,  training on Outer Limits before the 3rd Free Ascent of Half Dome, NW Face with Rob Woolfe,  many, many moons ago!

Most Precious Leader Caroline!


couple of notes…

before ilg’s cycling career?   ilg was one of America’s first sponsored rock/ice/high mountain climbers.   in Yosemite Valley,  Rob Woolfe and ilg put up the 3rd Free Ascent of Half Dome (LOVE THAT MOUNTAIN!),

and during those years training for that Ascent?  we would condition ourselves to climb until our tongues were so inflated by dehydration and our skin baked upon those granite Big Walls?  ONLY until we could not mouth breathe through the heat due to our swollen tongues?  did we dare sip from one of our preciously hauled up water bottles.  this type of dehydration/heat training served ilg extremely well to gain many podiums and course records in cycling from consecutive State Champoinships in both road and MTB to ultra-cycling records.

If you have a problem with heat in a 60-minute Spin Class taught by myself and want ilg to turn the stupid fans on?

feeble ilg would suggest?  Deal With It.

Intense Heat*.

head bowed,

spirit vowed,

coach steve ilg, cpt/uscf/ryt 500




*Remember;  First Stage of the Bardo? Maintaining  filaments of Consciousness during INTENSE HEAT!

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