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“The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man
perfected without trials.
–  Confucius
pic 1: my Chi-ldhood drainage;  Junction Creek watershed fr(om) the summit of Cumberland Peak 12,388′.  what was YOUR Chi-ldhood watershed?   see the entire GoPro footage of my 50-mile, 6 1/2 hour bike/run workout the Monday AFTER this week’s ilgVlog!  
pic 2:  summit pic looking west…count 4 peaks in fr(om) left, you’ve got the Highest and the Navajo Sacred Peak of the North: DibeNittsaa!  look a bit right?  yup, that’s Taylor Lake.  The obvious road is Kennebec Pass.  
pic 3:  see? this is what your feeble Teacher of no-thing c(om)es up with when Dewa (12) goes camping with Her mother during our usual time together!  when the Chi-ld is away?  Daddy will play up HIGH!
WEEK 22 TEACHING fr(om) CoronaGuruji:   Corona As Pacer

When you watch my new weekly Vlog this Monday or afterward,
you’ll see how i made out a pacing chart for Dewa to run a sub 6:40 mile,
a time that i felt approachable for Her, even without ANY speedwork over the summer.
Pacing is everything.
In Dewa’s “Timed Mile Effort” i told Her, a Mile is like a HP Yoga® PROP WORKOUT®:
it’s gonna be up front, in your face, and it’s gotta hurt fr(om) start to finish.
a Mile – and a Prop Workout –
is YANG!
In my 50-mile, bijillion vertical feet effort fr(om) my front door to the summit of Cumberland and back?
that’s not YANG,
that, my precious friends along the Higher Path?
required a YIN pacing…
all the way up the 20-mile climb from my house to the COT TH where i would begin running a 7-mile out-and-back to the summit and back to my bike?
“Take the pressure off your legs,”
i had to force myself to, as the Euro old-school cycling coaches might put it:
“pedal on glass cranks”
So, just as there is Pacing in YANG -shorter events
there is Pacing in YIN – longer events.
MahaGuruJi Corona is REALLY attempting to instill YIN, patience, acceptance, tolerance, harmony
into our Two-Footed Tribe…
given the dire DEARTH of DHARMA TEACHERS in our upbringing?
everybody seems to be defaulting to the YANG!
Let us, Noble Yogi’s
well trained along the High Performance Yoga® Path…
seek and show Tolerance, Harmony, and Kindness.
That Is All,
head bowed,
spirit vowed,
coach ilg

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