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pic 1: Dewa’s inspirational pic as She headed into Her final race as a MS Athlete…details on steve ilg’s YouTube Channel; Vlog109 premiering Monday, May 17, 2021
pic 2: as Dewa ends Her Track Season, feeble father Toes The Start Line of another International Vertical Challenge Race to help raise $ for a solid cause! will YOU help!?!?!
Noble Sangha,
as you’ll hopefully view after tomorrow’s drop of ilgVlog109?   Our Higher Ones pulled together a tapestry of such exquisitely close success/failures for Dewa’s final competition as a MS athlete,  that it was REALLY up to one’s spiritual underpinnings to feel pissed off, happy, or? somewhere within the Limbo Realm of those two feelings!  So it was for Daddy!
let me know what YOU think!
so,  your feeble teacher of no-thing has finished 2 Days of Vertical Racing over a 9-Day Race.  yup,  ilg is tired.  am in 2nd Place OA.  65′ higher than Third Place (Colorado Springs) and nearly 5k off First Place (Poland).   ilg and support crew are REALLY VISUALIZING that Poland and Colorado Springs are WEEKEND WARRIORS cuz, they posted HUGE NUMBERS on the first of two Weekends…  ilg and ilg’s crew/sponsors not hitting the panic button,  yet ilg realizes ilg must double down during the WEEKDAYS to accumulate Vert cuz?  Next weekend!??!  the numbers are gonna be HUGE…
seeing the WHOLISTIC view of the race instead of getting totally freaked out by other competitors big numbers…
such is ultra racing…
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head bowed,
spirit vowed,
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