Still the King…kinda…of Chama Ski Classic; Feb. 11-12, 2014

• Overall Winner; 7.5k Freestyle
• Silver Medalist; King of Mountain Competition (10k Classic into 5k Snowshoe)
• 2nd Place Overall; 10k Classic
• 1st place AG; 10k Classic
• 3rd Place AG; 5k Snowshoe

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Motivated Mind, Race Mind…the spiritual implications of Start Lines

C(om)mitment to an effort is a hard thing for many to accept. It is easier to just go skiing or snowshoeing than it is to train for skiing and snowshoeing. Then again, it’s easier to just eat a Snickers bar than to will oneself not to. Easier to just get drunk and forget problems than to stand sober to their challenge. For those who have touched bliss through the discipline of training there is no longer a question of “easier” or “harder.” There is only the Path Higher. For those who battle against mainstream mediocrity born from an addiction to comfort and duality a sagacious fulfillment of a much Higher sort is realized. It is..

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i had ‘That Feeling’ which athletes s(om)etimes get on Race Day…

it’s a feeling that…

well, even if we don’t gain the podium?

we’re gonna extract some deep down suffering from the cells of our competitors…

today, with a 4 week-old knee MCL injury that sends most scrambling to surgery …today? ilg Felt It and It was SPECTACULAR!

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ilg’s Winter Race Season so far; 2013/14

all races done on a Grade II MCL knee injury:

1st place; Snowshoe; Vertical Hour, December 14, Hesperus, CO
1st place; 7.5k Classic; World’s Highest Nordic Biathlon, December 15, Wolf Creek Pass, CO
1st place, 50+ Mens; Coke Race #1, 8k Classic, December 28, Purgatory, CO
2nd Place OA, 1st Place Mens, Vertical Hour #2 Snowshoe; January 5th, Hesperus, CO

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Oh, i did cross the Finish Line…
unlike more than half the peleton who quit. i was the last in the Lead Group and damned proud of it! Especially considering i was congested and not feeling my typical Chi! We are only as go(o)d as we are on our ‘bad’ days…i finished in the Lead Group, just behind Dale K…the leader of the 50+ cat while more than half the peleton had quit the intense conditions, and more importantly, i hung through those Bardo Entry conditions for over 2hours with pro level, sport specific cyclists…chalk yet another spiritual victory up for all Wholsitic Fitness® athletes everywhere!

Going into today’s Road Time Trial…
i was still holding onto 2nd place…yet in the TT, i would find a TT specialist that would out perform me and threaten my Overall Standing…

May Go(o)d Bless All Those Intelligent Enough To Sweat Daily…

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Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 9.35.38 PM

wish ilg Go(o)dspeed tomorrow in the DWC Championship Road Race…likely in the rain/wind…will be using all my Apache Trainings (see above pic for precisely what my chi-ldhood Wolf Guru looked like…courtesy of Joy Kilpatrick). It’s a Blessing to race at this level, at this age, after such a Blessed Life…you too! Count Thy Blessings…Mindfulness or else….

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..might be my age…might be my wearied resume..might be the fact that i am a new daddy of a 6 year-old and rely on bodywork and teaching yoga to attempt to provide for my family, whatever the reasons, ilg feels the conditions were a bit way too warrant a TT on the fancy (read; hard to control) TT bikes and flooded/windy conditions. ilg agrees with the call tonight…TT’s should be about solo fitness; not attrition via subjective conditions…

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Event #2 of 4 tomorrow: MTB TT!

Published on Sep 09, 2013 by in Cycling, Racing, Teachings


forecast for tomorrows MTB TT (event #2 of 4 in the DWC Championships)? dat’s right, baby! RAIN! THIS should be interesting! ilg loves nordic conditions! bring it! stay tuned and send ilg some Chi…need to somehow bridge a 7pt gap to 1st…

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