This M(om)ent…Labor(less) Day, Conscious Parenting, WF Challenge Test, & Cub Scout Stir Fry

The exhaustion and sacrifice – personally and financially – inherent to Consciously Parenting a chi-ld is astoundingly lopsided on the fatigue and i’m-going-to-start-throwing-furniture-through-the-window exasperation yet even more astoundingly, confound-ably, and Divinely balanced by mere m(om)ents when even the sun and stars fade into a whirling stillness of inner brightening as your chi-ld becomes that Great Mirror of All Teachers, All Gurus, All Lama’s, All Rinpoche’s, all Traditions, all-trees, mists, mountains, flowers, fish, stones, and streams. Within their stream-entry of egoic-free laughters, the cosmos chuckle and such beauty as God is known in thy very cells causing my heart to re-ignite my own stumbling toward Enlightenment…

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