tomorrow, a local reporter is going to come to my morning HP Yoga™ class.

how in this world – within a flimsy hour of Sacred Sweat  – shall ilg EVER attempt to Transmit the majestic Path of WF and ALL of our Tribal collective cries and accomplishments of Awakening to a reporter?

here is the answer:

Give Up.

Just Breathe, ilg, and Be…and let the Chi Be as it has been so transformationally virile since 1982.

WF:  Viagra for the Soul.

in case you are wondering how ilg ‘prepares’ for Teaching?   here is what i do as i pedal Berggie (our Tibetan prayer flag-adorned cruiser bicycle) to the Cave Of Champions:

i reflect upon my Everyday Practice of WF…without doubt it surely solidifies in my mind and sparkling Soul that there may be other Teachers of Yoga, yet,  there sure ain’t no other Teachers of WF Yoga…simply because…there is no other ilg…just like (cue the spiritually-inspiring soundtrack) YOU!

Blessed Be All…here then, are a few m(om)ents of my LifeWalk over the past 24 hours which i’ll reflect upon before i teach to and then be interviewed tomorrow by the local (studio yogi) reporter…

My “yoga” started early this morning during my EMR, which… when i assign to such spiritually-ripe students such as IC in NYC,  he has no words on the utter IMPACT that such a potent Practice provides for his life…

emr music

so,  he created this as his answer to my query as to how EMR has affected his life during the past 4-week Online Training cycle!   Online Training Student IC has promised to provide us Tribal Members with the actual recording after he finishes his next album.   can you even Begin to See the difference between how WF impacts a life compared to other ‘personal training systems’?    How Blessed Are We To Live WF?!?!


My “yoga” continued early this morning at the Iron Temple (Durango Recreation Center’s gym) in a killer WF Upper Body Workout intended to pre-fatigue me before doing “moosehuff intervals” (sprinting with ski poles) up the 22% inclines of Hogsback Hill in the “Ned” Overend Mountain Park within Durango city limits.  4 x 4:00 w/3:00 Recovery Intervals (RI).  the puke-inducing ‘yoga’ at 7k’ was at an intensity that few yogis – sadly – consider such Sacred High Intensity Cardio Sweat as ‘yoga’.  my repeats were done on the Mancos Shale hill (Hogsback Hill) seen in this photo as the partially shaded wave-like formation below Perrins Peak, the obvious rimrock guarded summit on photo left.

a party

then, time to switch pyschospiritual gears bigger than ANY of the non-family athlete warriors know…to come home, focused on needing to get ‘work done’ yet met by two of the Highest Yogis manifested on this plane(t);  my daughter and my beloved partner…i was just in time for a Tea Party!   of course,  i had to rush on my lactic acid filled legs to my closet for find just the hat for the part (as Dewa required of all attendees).

turns out since going to Miguel and Celestia’s Dinner Party (See Teachings last week) Dewa has deemed it unacceptable as to NOT having a Party every day!

a offering

before that, though, Rinpoche Dewachen had created this Offering to “Yogi Jesus”….remember, the chick is only 3!

a shin

when i came h(om)e,  i made the mistake of saying that my shins were worked over from my Hogsback Hill intervals…Rinpo Dewa made it quite clear which exercise i should do to purge the fatigue toxins and compactive stress from my lower leg bones…(did i mention this chi-ld of two professional personal trainers is only 3?  y’all are in for a WORLD of hurtful healing in the decades ahead!)

a carrot

the girls are still pulling the Carrot Beings out of the snow-speckled garden…

a barley

…and inserting them into this delicious vegetable-barley soup that we had tonight before a roaring fire…

this high altitude sun, it’s medicinal; Viagra for the spirit.

this hand-picked carrot furnishing our Barley Soup?  equally medicinal…

hec, even Grandfather Sun at 6512 feet is like a pre-mature Thanksgiving meal for all of us; my girls, the black bears, Raven Sister, and Trickster Coyote.   whom among Thee howl for Thee?   well, last in my HP Yoga™ Slow Flow?  we sure did;  12 of us Warrior Yogis, holding Upward Facing Dog while HOWLING toward the unseen Grandmother Moon!  how am i to Transmit such CHI FORCE to a single yoga-studio yogini tomorrow come to ‘interview me’ after ‘taking’ my ‘class’?

a snow dusting

Truth is?

feeble ilg cannot capably Transmit, let alone translate the immense Hanuman like Transformational power of WF

in  single hour class to some Studio Yogi babe come to ‘judge’ me…

feeble ilg thus asks:

“who cares?”

and the answer comes back to me in astral echos resounding like thunder throughout my tympanic membranes:

“We Do, Coach…We Do!”

thank you for living the WF Do!

Blessings upon thy Practice tomorrow,

your feeble teacher

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  1. Leferisen John says:

    good luck coach! let the chi flow out, or , let it seep out from the pores!

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