sport snowshoe man

coach, a two-time World Mountain Snowshoe Championship athlete is on schedule to produce a USSSA Sanctioned Snowshoe Race in his hometown of Durango, Colorado, this February…stay fit, and stay tuned!


can you recommend a good pair of snowshoes for this blessed winter? are there ones that are good for both fast pace and slower backcountry hiking?




Most Precious One,

there are in-Deed.

you may wish to study the Temple Recording of FLIGHT WITHOUT WINGS DVD.

then:  please contact Hilary or Danny (the owner) at Kahtoola

Hilary:  hilary@kahtoola.com


tell them you are a student of mine.

tell them you are interested in the MTN 24 for backcountry snowshoeing

and the new RNSS Snowshoe for racing/fitness

note: ilg is getting closer to making my dream of a Durango USSSA Sport Snowshoe Race a reality THIS WINTER:  Feb. 12th…please cOMe!

head bowed,

your sweat and soul loving coach

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