your knee-compression braced coach,  topping out at over 12,000′ today on the Tour de Ski Race Course during a training workout with Noble WF Student Andrew Ferguson who took this pic (yes, he was waiting for me!).   this is my idea of physical therapy for my sprained knee!  The best way out?  Is all-Ways UP! Good eye, Noble Warrior,  yup, that is  Engineer Peak in the background hovering over my right shoulder!

Pity the “Indoor Winter Tribe!” Why not embrace winter?  Are you somehow thinking that today’s 2 hour ski skate ascent of 4,000’+ vertical feet to over 12,000′ followed by an adrenal gland thumping descent of the same on the narrow luge-like snowmobile tracks is like, what?  “Not Fun?!”   What?  That it did NOT increase cycling, running, strength, meditation, and Enlightenment fitness?!    Yeah, as if.    Today’s ski workout of nearly 3 hours?:  Cost:  0$    Value:  PRICELESS for the body/mind/spirit!


This is a horrid photo of Most Esteemed WF Warrior and multi sport elite champion Andrew Ferguson who has a growing number of WF fans for go(o)d reason!   i couldn’t match his pace up the Modarbacken (Killer Hill).  A portion of our route today required us to ski straight up the alpine ski runs of Durango Mountain Resort.   Not surprisingly, several of the Downhill Skiing Clan were like,

“Oh my God!  I can’t believe you guys are skiing UPHILL!  I can barely breathe and I’m skiing DOWN the hill!”

to which my Precious Student would shout out between gasps,

“www.WholisticFitness.com!   That’s spelled with a “W”!”

just how much do you think i LOVE this guy?

sacred san juans

If you lived here?  You’d be h(om)e by now!  Summit/Turn-around point in our workout:  Grayrock Peak east shoulder on right, Grizzly Peak, Rolling Mountain. Yogi Ferguson waited patiently as i dropped into a Yogi Squat on my skis to crank off a pranically potent high mountain Nadi Shodhana/Kapalabahti pranayam before absolutely RAILING the high speed descent!

The skiing, snowboarding, and ice climbing in Durango have never been better. More than 70 inches of snow has fallen on the Sacred High Peaks in the last 10 days, and another storm cycle is expected to start this afternoon, bringing us another 2+ feet of snow over the next 48 hours!  There has never been a better time to book your WF Winter Private Intensive! As Yogi Ferguson said today, “Wow, just think of how much so many WF Students would pay for a day of doing this with Coach Ilg!   And I get to do it for free!”

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