kitchen shiva

Our Kitchen Shiva overlooks a most vital puja for the Awakened WF Warrior…the Kitchen Sink!  And, yes, that is SUNRIDER’s Fruit and Veggie Rinse in the clear plastic spray bottle photo right.

Most Noble Sangha,

make no mistake;  along the Spiritual Path – among Western Awakened Fitness Warriors – the Mindful Practice of Hand Washing Dishes should be leaped toward by any sincere WF Student, not shied away from.

undone dishes is a metaphor for our undigested thoughts.

if left undigested,  Thoughts naturally morph into Samskaric ripples, each one eventually needing Attention at a significantly Higher cost than if processed through consistent Meditation Practice in our current Sadhana (spiritual practice/path).  having said that,  the hand washing of dishes is an IDEAL Practice time to digest through aggregation, undigested Thought Residue while Mindfully washing dirty dishes.

let me re-iterate; i want all WF Students to consider hand washing of dishes (not machine washing) a valid, if not superb, Practice.  “Our workout is everywhere,” right?  well, at the kitchen sink?  we might as well consider ourselves at the Highest Puja table.  Just consider, as ilg did tonight, the plethora of WF Training Techniques that can be Joyfully engaged while (perhaps spontaneously) washing the dishes (for our Loved One):

  1. • Mantra Japa
  2. • Non Dominant Hand Awareness
  3. • Breath and Posture
  4. • Mindfulness
  5. • Appropriate Action
  6. • Practice
  7. • Smiling Guru
  8. • Tadasana In Action
  9. • Water Conservation
  10. • Washing The Dish For Buddha/Christ

Have you truly surrendered yourself completely to the powers of the WF Practices and Principles?   Or are you still mechanically doing the dishes and God knows how many other actions throughout your day such as brushing your hair and scrubbing thyself?  Yogis, Listen:   If your surrender into your Workout Is Everywhere is sincere?  You will be Blessed and your consciousness will be immersed in your ishta deva.  this Truth we must Realize…this Truth can be realized in experience only by practice.

Knowledge only inspires.

dive into your Mundane actions, and find the Miracle of Divine InSight…

Blessed be thy Practice,

your feeble teacher

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  1. Roberto Crespo says:

    Yet again Coach Ilg’s aim is so true…..this teaching hit me this morning square in my 3rd eye….long before I logged onto WF.com. I’m headed to the Sangha Lounge to go deeper. Namaste….

  2. eyt :() says:

    *like* …

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