Ananda shields Dewa’s ears from “Daddy’s 4th of July thing…”  Sadly, i only got off three sparklers and this sorry-excuse for what i REALLY had planned before both of my girls went running for cover back inside the casa…hmmphff…too many girls in this Temple, i tell you…   😉

Noble Sangha!

it would not be too far a stretch to compare the Energetics of Enlightenment with the Enlightenment of Fireworks…each July 4th – which is a big one for me (and now my clan) – i reflect upon this analogy.  it might just help keep us tracked on our simple Practices in this Path of Wholeness because, like a wick which leads to a bottle rocket…it’s the small things which matter most for the Big Bangs in our spiritual life…c’mon…enjoy the pics from our clan’s 4th and my attempt at yet another Bridging of Eastern Enlightenment Sciences with Western fitness modalities…

ilg sliderock

why i teach focus in my work:  rifling down the preciously perched ‘Sliderock’ section of Kennebec Pass; 11,750′.  photo by Greg, July 3rd

i’ve taught you about how the nervous system must be wholistically trained in order to support her more subtle aspect; the Nadic System.  an imbalance in our neural fitness from say, doing one sport too much or poor nutrition, inevitably effects – negatively – our Nadic system…since the Nadic System is what hooks up, ignites, and supports the Chakral Field Energies,  it is only Wholistic Sense that we do everyday Practices to fully cleanse, support, and develop our neural and thus, nadic systems,  right?   Understand that anything that really touches our Soul, makes us shudder, gives us Chi Bumps, – like the above picture did to me the other day – affects profoundly our Chakral Fitness and Potentiation for Enlightenment.


in the foreground;   Dewachen (3) hydrates and sizes up fearlessly her much older competition before a 1/2 mile mountain race at Durango Mountain Resort (Purgatory).  she had the hole shot until two bigger boys elbowed her nearly to the ground…when she finally saw me much later in the day at home, the first thing she said to me was, “Daddy, i didn’t win the race, today…” Just about tore my heart in three chunks; one for Brahman, Shiva, and Vishnu.  we had a long talk about Noble Effort in Racing…not just winning.

While i was deeply immersed in a sacred, chakra-elevating mountain bike ride up in my Beloved High Peaks of the La Plata’s,  Dewachen was in the San Juan’s…one range over…with her mommy; doing a mountain running race.  i’ve urged all of you to “just Toe The Start Line” and have encouraged all of you throughout the decades to sign up for whatever event challenges you to Rise Higher…i’ve endorsed by my own steadfast sweat and spirit – even through spinal paralysis – the Three Sacred Sweat Pilgrimages of WF:  Mt. Taylor Winter Quad, Iron Horse Bicycle Race, and Imogene Pass…because i know that each of those Pilgrimages will achieve more for your spiritual progress than sitting in pews,  going to retreats, or traveling the Outer World for something ‘more spiritual’ or ‘more sacred.’  Essentially;  i know that Toeing Start Lines (whatever that may mean to you) will ignite your neural, nadic, and thus Chakral potential.

d family

d fun runs

On the Fourth Of July;  i inline-skated Dewa in the stroller down to the Start Line of the 4th of July 5k Fun Run along the RiverPath…Ananda ran it at times with Dewa, then, i’d swoop her into the stroller and slalom through the dozens of people to her chant of, “Go Faster, Daddy!  Go FASTER!”

The circuitry which services the Chakra’s is intensely complex; moreso than even the LA Freeway system…fortunately to deeply influence for lifetimes (or Enlightenment, whichever comes first) we need only to flawlessly commit to the three cellular fitness weapons of WF (the SUNRIDER Herbs, MAP Aminos, and Asea Sacred Water) Practice the WF-exclusive:  EMR…at least for a few years, before i upgrade you to the Next Level.  Do that Simple Practice each morning and you immediately set the energetic foundation for Higher Work with a balanced energetic substratum.


d letter

Dewa and Amma write a letter to the Servicemen and Servicewomen who, like Arjuna in the Bhagavad-Gita…are willing to Toe The Start Line of a Battlefield with real bullets and bombs everyday…the kind of fireworks you probably are not yourself willing to light up or deal with…Dewa’s mom – a Marine’s Daughter – is especially moved by July 4th. are you?

Honestly,  there are only a handful of Practices/Rituals which a WF Warrior NEEDS TO PRACTICE EVERYDAY…i just mentioned the most critical…the most elementary above.   from there, the ascent toward overcoming our addictions, our negative tendencies, our habituated patterns is steadily encountered, danced with, and every now and then overcome with such a Blessed Sense of Awakened Clarity, it cannot be put into words….however, what such mOMents provide?

the impetus to keep Rising Higher…one foot in front of the other…if my 3 year-old can do running races of 5k’s,  then, i KNOW you can follow through on the simple, precursory steps and practices of WF Energetic Foundation…

d elight

…because if you just follow through on these preliminary Practices?   the Inner Wick will become lit in the most fascinating and fun ways…and once that Inner Wick is lit?  the Chakras themselves become the inner bottle rockets that go off in the most mysteriously captivating ways; and if you follow my guidance the fireworks within will be very safe, very graduated, and progressively paced by your OWN willingness, capacity, and faith…

as Rinpoche Sogyal teaches:

The teachings tell us what it is we need to realize, but we also have to go on our own journey, in order to come to a personal realization. That journey may take us through suffering, difficulties, and doubts of all kinds, but they will become our greatest teachers. Through them we will learn the humility to recognize our limitations, and through them we will discover the inner strength and fearlessness we need to emerge from our old habits and set patterns, and surrender into the vaster vision of real freedom offered by the spiritual teachings.

that is all,

your loving coach in the Land of the Free

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