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When in Doubt, when wavering, when depression and lethargy seem to engulf thee,  priority for the WF Warrior must shift to only two of the Five Noble Fitness Disciplines;  Nutrition and Yoga.   Then, work on elevating the 4 Lifestyle Principles of WF;  soon, that which needs to be processed, shall be processed and a renewed mOMentum Higher will again be singing throughout thyself.   photo by Ananda: not losing the sense of playfulness is HUGE as we grow older…doing Ai Imawa with my daughter recently.


Hope things are going great for you and your family. I am writing because I could use a little help or even just a short pep-talk. I have been struggling for what seems like years to get back on the right track. I am 206 and 22% BF if my scale is to be believed. A couple of years ago (when I did my first snowshoe race) I was 185 and 12-14%. Not great but better than where I am now. I don’t care so much about the raw numbers but they are discouraging. I am a bit overwhelmed by work, stress and anxiety as I have mentioned previously and if I listen to my body I am tired and feel out of it most of the time. I know I need the exercise as a stress release and to lose the excess weight so missing it only adds stress. When I do exercise, I am discouraged by how far I have slipped back. My cardio fitness is a distant memory it seems and I even have anxiety about that as I seem to read every day about very fit athletes dropping dead during a ride or run. Meditation is proving elusive as well. Not sure what to do with the limited time I have. I know my problems are minor in the grand scheme of things but I can’t seem to get out of this rut and it’s depressing. Any perspective, advice, anything would be appreciated. Thanks for all the help you’ve given me over the years. I appreciate it my friend.

Head Bowed,

tom (not his real name)


Most Precious Warrior,

ilg bows to your exquisitely drafted missive heralding your place/space on the Battlefield of the Ego.

my first counsel is to cherish this space/place, for ilg has Great Faith in you to rise Higher than the current mode of lethargy which has seemingly engulfed my Most Esteemed Friend Along The Path.

second, there is no ‘right track’ for you to be on…there is only a High Path and a Low Path.  you’ll eventually get Enlightened on either one, however, the High Path is literally lifetimes more fun…albeit demands a bit more focus.  however, ‘focused fun’ is the best type of fun there is!  instead of thinking; “right” or “wrong”…just think, “What is my most Appropriate Action (WF Lifestyle Principle #3) right now?”

third, don’t believe in the scale.  in fact, don’t believe in anything or anyone.  belief is a limit.  your True Nature has no limits.  screw the scale.

fourth, sleep more.  sleep is required nutrition.  though at advanced levels, yogis overcome the need for sleep, right now you need more of it.  nap/siesta.  mandatory.  even if it is just Quiet Time in the early afternoon;  take it.  make yourself take it.  sleep quality is vital.

fifth, it’s far better spiritually speaking, to die running or exercising than to die hooked up to tubes in a hospital.  do not be afraid to die while exercising.  it is a go(o)d way to die.

sixth, don’t try to meditate formally right now.  instead,  wake up each day from this day forward and scrape your tongue to the Mantra, then get your toothpaste on your toothbrush, squat down in yogi squat no matter how humiliating it may feel, and brush your teeth to the Mantra. spend at least six brushes using your non dominant hand to honor the Six Realms.  then, after your first bowel movement (you can drink coffee or calli tea to incite it) do the Early Morning Ritual DVD.  it only takes a few minutes.  create the time, because your ego will have you ‘believe’ that you ‘do not have the time,’ to do it.  yet you do.  kickstarting your metabolic/nadic system like this for you is vital.   all else will c(om)e if you do what i tell you.

finally,  use the WF Nutritional Guidelines and make sure you are on at least Slim Caps, Calli and/or FD, MAP, and Asea.  your cell fitness is where your entire spark has been lost, so re-ignite the embers with those priceless catalysts.   cell lethargy = body lethargy. body lethargy = spiritual lethargy.

update me each Mo(o)nday; no matter what.  no cost.

head bowed,

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  1. Monty Mason says:

    thank you EC for this appropriate council. as we begin again and again our ego wants to reflect disappointment and shame our way when in fact a new beginning is always a stunning opportunity to center our focus and becOMe more elegant and skillful in our practice.

    see her for what she is, sit with her face to face, breath soft and become her friend. once the ego is recognized and her tricks are exposed the gate is open to move higher. she will be back, and we will then see her cOMing for days, weeks ahead and be prepared to greet her with open arms.

    warrior up!!

  2. Brad Gantt says:

    Warrior-up in-deed. Wise council Coach. Begin again…

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