gaden shartse monks
Gaden Shartse monks working on a Chenrezig Mandala at Open Shutter Gallery, downtown Durango today…Tomorrow evening, the Mandala will then be offered into the sacred waters of the Animas River…the Teaching is of Impermanence…as always, a percentage of all WF products purchased through the WF Pro Shop goes to support www.savetibet.org
As most you know,  i went to Naropa University – a Tibetan Contemplative Arts University and received spontaneous darshan from Rinpoche Trungpa…just being around these Monks send chi-shivers throughout my spine, sparks of kundalini up my sushumna, and vivid past life re-memories begin dancing within the chambers of my feeble mind…ironically, i attempted to bring Dewachen to see the monks and she absolutely went uncharacteristically berserk; a definite past-life s(om)ething being processed….it was/is common for re-incarnated lama’s to be taken away from their biologic parents in Tibet and i sense that Dewa did not want to have ANYTHING to do with that!   Interesting…this thing called Life, Death, and reBirth…you gotta give it that much, eh?

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