the genius of Hatha Yoga – intensified by HP PROP Workouts – is that the Practice holds up an unerring mirror to all of our weaknesses, imbalances, and wounds.  the spiritual stage is thus set for the genuine warrior to roll up their sleeves and do the Work!   above pic: during my own morning Practice;  i have to hold spinal twists toward my left much longer than to my left due to my past injury history….this pic features the notoriously tight IllioTibial Band on my left lateral thigh.  on my left Greater Trochanter you can still see a road crash scar from bike racing suffered 3 years ago which continues a serial distortion ‘trick knee’ on my right!  that’s due to a history of crashes impacting my pelvic horizontality.


“Dear Coach,

When doing your hp prop workout it is very obvious that I have strength imbalances ( right side stronger than the left).  I notice it more in my stomach and back.  It is much easier for me to hit my right elbow to my left knee while doing sit-ups than it is to hit my left elbow to my right knee.  Do you have any advice to help take care of these imbalances?

Peace by the journey,


Coach Responds:

Warrior M,

note:  it’s not your “stomach” we are training (at least not directly).  stomach’s digest food.  the HP Prop Workout centers on your Abdominals and Lumbar (lower back) fitness.

first, congrats on experiencing the priceless teachings of Hatha-Yoga which shines an unconditional Light onto and into our weak points, tendencies, and habits.  this precious inSightfullness inherent to Hatha Yoga,  intensified in HP PROP WORKOUTS and downright exasperated by living a Wholistic Fitness® warrior lifestyle is truly a Great Blessing.  so, first and foremost Rejoice;  before we can Walk our Dragons,  we gotta Meet them, right? and then, not run away from them, right?   thus, here is what i want you to do:

1) Don’t give up; keep crankin’ the PROP Workout at least once per week yet not more than twice per week.  in the words of Pattabhi Jois;  “Just do your Practice and all is coming.”  eventually, the imbalance shall be ironed out by a restoration of connective tissue elongation, cellular communication, and nutrient delivery through the practice.

now,  to enhance and accelerate the destruction of your imbalance and fortify wholeness, consider these options;

2) make EMR into Wing’d Angel DVD your flawless morning sadhana…while performing Wing’d Angel, hold for 20 Ujjayi Breaths any twist toward the right.  you can also use Rock Vinyasa to really treat the imbalance…you can alternate Wing’d with Rock for optimal healing.

3) make sure your MAP Amino intake is equally flawless.

do the above for 3 Months (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha) then update me.

Blessed be thy Practice,


4 Responses to “Handling Strength Imbalances…a Q&A”

  1. r a says:

    I have the same abdominal/low back imbalances from too much of the unilaterally dominant sport of tennis; EMR and Wing’d Angel has made a huge impact on undoing 4 years of pain and weakness. Thank you Coach for these tools.

    Head bowed to your efforts M, as coach said, “keep crankin”!


  2. coach says:

    Yogi RA!
    “The Path works, when you Work the Path!”

    head bowed,
    spirit vowed,

  3. matt brasher says:

    THanks…Ilg, why only do the video twice a week? On a different note, what would you advise as the best way to use yoga toes?

    Thanks again for all of your help,

    Matt Brasher

  4. coach says:

    sorry, technical snafu; use YogaToes during EMR and during any/all computer work, vaccuuming/house cleaning, etc.

    head bowed,

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