to how many Durangatangs is this scene riveted into our Samskaric make up? Grandfather Sun winking over Pandemonium…pic by ilg this afternoon.

ilg has skied 14 of the last 16 days…and that type of diligence,  when directed, pays off.  for ilg, today?  it paid off in a most resplendent, surreal, and Significant Wholistic Shift Higher!!!  read on…

BIG mind/body/spiritual Shift today on making tele turns to my kinesthetically-retarded right…i’ve never been able to really tele turn to my right since my spinal paralysis…today? the Shift happened and the kundalini surged! how did Pattabhi Jois put it? “Just continue your Practice…and all is coming.”
today…ilg felt a sudden and unsuspecting AtOneMent with the snow…what came through today was,

“The snow is friendly…and your Conscious Breath deepens the Friendship and the Mantra enlivens it!”

after skiing 14 of the past 16 days and 9 days last month,  all with the inner directive to,  “LEARN HOW TO TELE TURN TO MY RIGHT!” today, my Noble Sangha,  ilg BrokeThrough in a similar Way that Jonathan Livingston Seagull helped Transmigrate the Soul Energy of his younger gull student,  Fletcher Lynd Seagull,  when the younger gull crashed into a granite wall at over 200 mph.   Boy, doing that would put ANYBODY’s feathers into a bunch!

ilg will be slowly (in my own uniquely paltry Way) assimilating all the waterfall repercussions and Teachings which shall inevitably spread out before my Consciousness in the months ahead like tantalizing jewels of spiritual ascent possibilities….

How Blessed Are We To Learn From The Wholistic Way!?!??!

ilg could go on forever about the sensations – physical and spiritual – which occurred today during my Breakthrough Tele Ski…enough to fill a book…yet,  what ilg felt up there on those sacred winter slopes?   that flow,  that particularly unique vinyasa?  dat shit (as the kidz would put it) is Beyond Sick…dat Shit?  dat ilg felt Flow through him today upon those shimmering San Juan hides?   dat Shit is…


head bowed and Blessings upon thy Practice of Inner and Outer Workouts,

until Enlightenment,

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2 Responses to “The Snow Is Your Friend…She’s Here Now To Teach Us About Flow…”

  1. Kevin Burnett says:


    When I was cycling “full time” many years ago we used to say that if we had 5 such rides a year then it was a good year. Those days when everything just works and effort becomes non effort. So rare and so incredible. A brief glimpse into …

  2. coach says:

    He + Art = Heart….

    Yogi Jesus: “To find oneself, one must first lose oneself…”

    to become so lost into the Art of the M(om)ent is a genuine re-Spiriter (instead of a ‘re-Minder’) of what we experience in the Bardo intensities…where, in this space/place of timeless incongruity and the mindfreak of Self-Annihilation…we become fishers again for sOMething, anything we might recognize as ‘familiar’…that clinging is what keeps even the wise cOMing back for more incarnations…

    until Enlightenment; keep the heels free at least equal to the amount of fixed time…

    ski bindings don’t just BIND us to our skis…they BIND us to our Samsara!


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