Elke Brutsaert is a Mountain Bike Downhill Superstar from the Day…she now travels internationally with a pro team as “Head Mom” taking world-class care in her collegiate rider’s care, skills, and recovery (she is a renown massage ‘artist’).   Ilg has had the honor of ripping some sweet San Juan singletrack with this Diva of the Dirt and,  all ilg can do is blink with awe at her (still) cherry command of speed over seemingly impossibly dangerous descents.  Elke – a Durangatang – now sends me her most promising cycling warriors from 18x National Champions; Fort Lewis College because, like you,  Elke knows that ilg can create Champions…read on for her quote and an interview:

“Steve is a legendary guru of yoga and cycling, so his yoga class is full on…Wednesday night, 5:30 PROP WORKOUT I want you there to get schooled big time in Functional Medicine for Warriors!

Please RSVP with me!!!!  Do not just show up.  Those first 5 who rsvp me are the only ones who go.  You must show up ahead of time and be ready to go at 5:30pm.  Steve’s class is not like mine, where you get to roll in all college style & when it suits you.  Please approach his class with great respect! –


Members can enjoy this interview with Elke:


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