Most Noble Sangha,
if you lived in Durango and became one of my High Performance Bodywork clients,  you’d receive not only world-acclaimed Compressive Tissue Manipulation (via both Table and Floorwork sessions) interwove with Tibetan Healing Energywork,  you’d also receive free of charge,  my rather Mother-Hennish updates and suggested Course of Actions because,

ilg cares…Big Time…

having lived and still living a life full of chronic pain since breaking my spine in ’81?

my entire Healing Work is based solely upon a sOMewhat selfish thought;  “If i had an opportunity to work with a Healer?  i’d make sure his/her fitness was world-class, that he/she has Direct Experience in self-healing without reliance upon external drugs, machines, etc., and that he/she meditates and works on his/herself as deeply as i do…”

that’s where ilg fires from in my Bodywork…on your next visit or Private Intensive to Durango?  come see me and feel for yourself what 5.13-capable fingers and 3+ decades of experience can do for your adhered tissues and energy flows.. trust me,  you’ll be glad you did…

below is an actual correspondence i sent to one of my (national class athlete-) bodywork clients after yet another amazing Table session:

Most Precious Yogini (name withheld for her privacy),

ilg’s gotta say;  Remarkable!

perhaps, it’s due to neuronal saturation…(your nerve’s are just too ‘tired’ from the base cycling volumes to care about getting too excited about me going deep, which i did!)…

perhaps, it’s due to your growing maturity on the Table to just Let Go and Breathe…SAH!

perhaps, it’s due to a higher level of intracellular fluid from cycling and your positive nitrogen balance (thanks, MAP!) which contributed to a tonality shift higher…

perhaps….well…it doesn’t matter…

what matters is that your overall energetic and structural integrity is at least one Light Year from where we were 4 weeks ago…

having said that…
(oh geez…here goes Coach…)

what i felt on your body tonight was what i call, “adhesion creep”….meaning,  due to the increased cycling,  there are sport-specific pockets of adhered tissues (such as
in your L. calf and L. superior illiac crest) that need to be mitigated through the Tablework….the Floorwork is intended for more significant structural shifts
ilg TAFs (Thinks And Feels) that we need to modify Phase 2:

•) continue MAP as present
•) continue EMR as present  (are you staying consistent with this?  i forgot to ask…this could account for the pranic depth of your tissues!)
•) get back on ASEA;   listen to this with your feet up the wall sometime after a long ride:  http://www.amazingcd.com/ listen to the first one with Dr. Ward…the others are good too!
•) i suggest alternating Floorwork with Tablework at least until your training volume decreases…the Floorwork will produce seismic, positive Shifts in your pelvis which transfers over into everything else…i don’t TAF that right now is a great time for that…we should keep your cycling fitness as Top Priority and save the Higher Shifts for later….

be stoked! your body is Vibrating really nicely right now… ilg feels we should keep it that Way and Serve your cycling…

let me know if you feel otherwise…

regardless, it’s important to keep our Work together going at the rate of  7-10 days… during Base Miles?  once per week is optimal….

thus are my TAFs,

head bowed,
your feeble teacher of nothing

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  1. Sandra Lee says:

    Bodywork by Ilg is a definite must- do, speaking from experience!

    Dawa G

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