Fatherhood Yoga;

i mean, yogis devote ourselves to transforming, transcending separation…yet, the deep-celled, DNA hard-wiring that drives Conscious Parents creates a most formidable vinyasa for our Practice when we must be separated from our chi-ldren….

pic by ilg;  Dewachen enjoying one of her many Dewa/Daddy m(om)ents;   The Daddy Swing Game, recipe for Daddy/Chi-ld Fun Below:

Equipment Needed;

• one kids rock climbing harness
• one brave father with good kinesthetic skills and at least 5.11+ finger grip strength
• one trusting Chi-ld


• after safety checking the harness lift with one hand the Chi-ld up
• once air-borne,  starting spinning around with Chi-ld who is now laughing or re-attaining their natural Enlightened State of Bliss (see photo above)
• while spinning lift the spinning Chi-ld up and down like a roller-coaster
• be sure to stop before you get so dizzy you either fall down with the Chi-ld, throw up all over yourself and the Chi-ld, or both
• execute Wise Discretion as the said Chi-ld screams joyfully at you, “MORE DADDY!” as your pumped forearm and nauseous self attempts to lower your sky-high heart rate

“Our Workout Is Everywhere,”

coach ilg

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