Snapped this evening from my front porch…the hues felt huge to me…love the play of alpen glow off Raider Ridge and how stalwart the double tipped Colorado Blue Spruce soars off the trickle of the sacred Animas River (photo bottom left)…

Dewachen in pottery class…ilg’s heart opens to my precious yoga student, Mark Rosenthalwho is a master potter…

Dewa informed me that our Hallowen Project of the day was to carve a pumpkin…that was great…except, Daddy did all the carving while Dewa keep EATING the Pumpkin!

…nothing says “Autumn at 6,412′ than this all-local meal!

Blessed be your Practice…

el coache

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  1. BB says:

    That meal looks delicious! i must make that at my house soon!

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