…cuz in Wholistic Fitness®?   each day is but a dharmic dance among the disciplines and principles of WF, baby!    How Blessed Are We Who Have Found and Walk This Precious Path of Wholeness?!

Early morning solo Practice; about 45 minutes of kriya, asana, pranayama and meditation…into…coaching work…into teaching an HP Yoga class at noon, then, off to…

…my h(om)e away from home…the Durango Nordic Ski Center…

…where i got to grooming my snowshoe course and revel in decidedly un-office things like chainsawing, axing, and hucking ’round monolithic Aspen and Spruce Beings…GOOD GOD…HOW BLESSED IS THIS PRECIOUS PLANE(t)??!?!

…after hauling down about a cord of wood, single-handedly from the higher country,  i unloaded the wood much to the delight of Dewa and her friend, Stella…though pretty stinkin’ tired,  i made sure i did crazy stupid stunts for the girls just to hear them squeal and laugh;  “Dewa…your Daddy is sooooo silly!!!”     “I know, I know,”  squeals Dewa in reply, “He is SUPER silly,  that’s why I LOVE him!!”….c’CHING!  Karmic Paycheck for the day received!    May exhausted Daddies Everywhere keep prioritizing silliness because, you know,  silliness is next to Godliness!

Blessed be thy Practice,


3 Responses to “what an ilg “easy day” at age 50 looks like…”

  1. Leferisen John says:

    Yeah Baby!!! love it!
    Silliness and Chainsaws.

  2. coach says:

    Precious Warrior Leaf!
    thanks, Brother!
    love, sweat, and chainbar lube,

  3. Andrew Baker says:

    Sounds like a Rad Day to me!! :)))

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