a section from an actual Student Exchange:

“Beloved Coach,

i was Full of Fire tonight for my L(ate)MR practice (as opposed to EMR!) followed by the Basic HP Prop workout. Mostly because of a lovely girl i’ve met, and all that experience is triggering…whoa…HEAVY STUFF, MAN!!! i am so fear-full of falling in love again and flowing with all that seems to entail…all of the change…all of the vulnerability…”


•  Most Treasured Overcomer of Foes,

see this pic of my 5 year-young Rinpo-chi i took the day before yesterday?

she was climbing up the ladder onto the roof (whereupon we chalked out a Landing Strip for Santa toward our chimney)

climbing Higher on the ladder, feeling the Void swell beneath her precious, tiny feet my jawed dropped open in awe as my ears heard her begin to engage an affirmation technique which Ananda and i Taught her to use when things get full of fear;

she started saying to herself on her own accord:

“Face your Fear,

Face your Fear,

Face your Fear….”

you know, Treasured Son of Shiva?

if you TAF falling in love again is fearful?

just wait until you can’t take another inhale…

feeble ilg’s coaching counsel to you on this night of nights?

welcome the opportunity to feel fear at such an amazing experience of falling in(to) Love….

it’s waaaay less intense than falling in(to) the Bardo….

embrace the opportunity…

your fiercely loving coach of nothing at all

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